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Our Software

It is a software designed for companies engaged in the international distribution of audiovisual content (films, series, documentaries)



We make adaptations of the existing modules and we add new functionalities that the client needs according to its business model.

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server mediarac

Installable on your server or on mediaRaC optimized servers.

API share data between applications

Share data with other applications using your API. Send and receive information to your SAP application, or NAVISION

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Rsponsive web app compatible with smart devices

The application has four main modules

CRM films distributors


Create your database with all the commercial actions that are carried out by the company in relation to titles, markets, companies and territories. For each title we will be able to track the shipment of material, rejected titles, purchased, as well as generate reminder notifications of those states and relevant information such as to call back a client, to see the evaluation of a title or the reason for its rejection. We can classify the shares by type and then analyze them using graphs or dynamic tables.



It will be one of the main tools of the application in the day to day. Through this search engine we can search for available rights based on criteria such as countries, languages, availability dates, genres, right type, as well as search for rights to sell exclusively or that are firsts runs, or premiers. The application generates windows of availability in the cases of confilct with sales already made. It will generate an Excel file with all the information of the available titles.



This module generates the calculation of Royalties for IP Owners from the sales made. The application allows to generate the settlements automatically according to the periodicity assigned to each title. The system takes control of the Guaranteed Minimums to include in the liquidations, as well as the expenses and the limit that has been established. It will generate an Excel file where it will include the settlements that are going to be produced for that title.



This module allows us to have in a one place all the information related to sales and contracts of one or multiple titles, in one place. It allows us to distinguish between Flat Fee or Revenue Share contracts in local currency or foreign currency, classify them by subagents and sellers, attach documents, cost of materials assigned by contract, distribute the amounts corresponding to each title for subsequent calculation of royalties, and much more.

20 reasons why you should use mediaSmartWare

1. User Permissions

Full control for each user of their access permissions to lists, read and write fields and operations of adding, updating and deleting records.

2. Multiusers

Unlimited users working in the application at the same time

3. Multilanguages

Supports multiple languages. Currently translated into English and Spanish.

4. Web app responsive

Web application developed with HTML 5, CSS 3, adaptive to any device that uses Google Chrome, Firefox. Fully usable from Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.

5. Customizable dashboard

Customize your dashboard with chart type gauge, ratios, bar char, donut, line char, stacked, pivot tabet

6. Repositories / DMS

Attach documents in all sections of the application, synopsis of titles, episodes, flyers, distribution contracts, sales contracts, invoices, charge documents, certificate retention, etc.

7. Notifications

Receive automatic email notifications to remind you of expiration of rights, contracts, market assistance, invoices and charges.

8. Import

Import data from excel. It avoids duplicating the data indicating to the system the previous verification of the imported data.


Export data to excel, html, pdf from any list and grouped by fields

10. Geolocalization

Track territories sold over google maps. View sales made quickly by colors

11. Catalogue / Titles

Collect all the information related to a title in your file. Synopsis, languages, distributable rights and more.

12. Owners IP

Control of percentages of property, commissions and invoices received and paid for Royalties settlement

13. CRM / Actions

Database with all the commercial actions that are carried out from the company in relation to titles, markets, companies and territories. Track shipment of material, rejected and purchased titles, etc.

14. Markets and Promotion

Controls everything related to markets and issues. From registration dates to cost of attendance.

15. Companies and Contacts

All your information of companies of the sector and contacts, classifying them by genres, rights, languages ​​and territories for those who buy. Also in the tab of each company / contact you have all the sales and CRM related information

16. Sellers

Controls the sales, actions and availability searches made by your commercials. Create custom panels on your dashboard to track each one.

17. Sales / Contracts

It manages the sales of rights of multiple titles both Flat Fee and Revenue Share in different currencies. Attach contracts and deal memos. Specify territories and languages ​​sold.

18. Invoies /Charges

Automated or manual system for creating invoices and charges depending on the periodicity and payment numbers specified. Reminder notifications system for shipment of invoices and receipts.

19. Availability of Rights

Powerful search of available rights that allows the filtering by territories, languages, premiers, firsts runs, rights, exclusives, dates, etc. Export to Excel and direct mail delivery.

20. Royalties / Settlements

Generation of real settlements and automatic or manual simulations. Generation of excel with information of revenue by sales, expenses, minimum guaranteed and distribution among IP owners.

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About Us

mediasmartwere is the result of a joint venture between development and content distribution companies. The members of both teams have been profiling the tool to adapt as much as possible to the business of international distribution of multimedia content.

Manuel Castro
Software Architect

"This software aims to improve work processes"

Ana Brito
Ana Brito
Sales Manager

" It is software designed by and for distributors"

Daniel Roman
Senior Developer

"We will continue to listen to the needs of our customers so that our software is a reference"

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